Call of the Minaret


The exhibition The Call of the Minaret  tells about the bases of Islam and the versatility of Islamic culture here in Finland and elsewhere. The exhibition does not commit itself to any particular Islamic school of religion but brings out the matters shared by all Muslims, such as the bases of religion, Islamic science and art. It also tells about the everyday life of ordinary Muslims all around the world.

The exhibition is primarily based on the Finnish National Museum's collections with some replenishment from private collections and other museum's material. The presented objects are skilfully made pieces which tell about a rich crafts tradition but also industrial mass products which spread all over the world through such channels as the Internet. Alongside this exhibition there is a documentary about Muslims living in Finland, produced by students of photography in the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

The exhibition architecture is by Jaakko Pesonen. The exhibition took palce in 2004–2005 in the Museum of Cultures in Helsinki.