The Infernal World of the Brontë Family


The Infernal World of the Brontë Family was filmed in February 2015 at the Kone Foundation Saari Residence. The work is a two channel video projected onto tree trunks. 

The themes of the work evolve around class, seclusion and privilege. The work is a historical view of ever current issues. Chosen privileged individuals celebrate in affluent surroundings, in parks where only a small part of our society feel at home. The work also shows the darker side of fortunate, the protagonists are prisoners of their own class. The Infernal World of the Brontë Family honours parks and the relationship of man and nature. It also praises youth and creativity.


The installation has been exhibited:

- Saari Residence, Hietamäki Finland 2015

Watch the demo video here!


Direction & video: 

Jaakko Pesonen


Philippa Hambly, Anaïs Héraud, Henna Kaikula, Joonas Rutanen, Alexandra Salmela, Samantha Jayne Williams


Kone Foundation and Saari Residence