The Second Me

The Second Me (suom. Toinen minä) is a video installation about classification, how we see ourselves and how we persume others perceive us. The philosophical foundation of the work lies in minimal difference, the difference between two truths. Peoples narratives can be read from several perspectives at the same time.
“The Second Me” is made in collaboration with a group assembled by Pia Bartsch, the community artist of the Kone Foundation Saari Residency. Hannele Akkanen, Minna Hautio, Zivile Karvonen, Jani Konttila and Pekka Savolainen have scripted and perform in the installation.

The videos consist of two views on one subject, ones opinion and what one persumes ones stereotypes opinion would be. The subjects vary from art, religion, love, parenthood and money to death.

The installation consists of five black metal constructions, four of which have projectors, mediaplayers, earphones, CCR-cameras and black balloons attached to them. The fith metal contruction has a screen, four speakers and the central unit of the CCR-cameras. The projectors project 7 min videos (4 different videos) onto the black balloons, the CCR-cameras monitor the balloons. The videos are in finnish with english texts.


View introduction video here


The installation has been exhibited:

- ”Human Class” Photographic Centre Peri, Turku 2016



Direction & realisation:

Jaakko Pesonen

Group coordinator:

Pia Bartsch

Script & performance:

Hannele Aho-Akkanen, Minna Hautio, Zivile Karvonen, Jani Konttila and Pekka Savolainen



Arts Promation Centre Finland

Kone Foundation