Hello Homo!


Hello Homo! is an interactive video installation for urban public spaces & galleries.

“Guess how I knew you were a homo?”

Three characters present online comments on homosexuality as tragicomic everyday beliefs and offer you a personal encounter with prejudice. These three women of different generations represent anonymous yet personified characters whom themselves would not experience prejudice. As the viewer approches the work, the charcters start a discussion with the presumed homosexual.

Watch trailer here. 

Watch introduction video here.


The installation has been exhibited:

- Human Class Photographic Centre Peri, Turku Finland 2016

- Pride and Prejudice Werstas Museum, Tampere Finland 2013

- Man Machine Forum Box gallery, Helsinki 2012

- Helsinki Festival’s Night of the Arts 2012

- PLACCC Festival, Budapest 2012




Jaakko Pesonen & Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola

Direction, script, design & realisation:

Jaakko Pesonen


Laura Birn, Vera Kiiskinen & Sara Paavolainen

Technical interaction design & realisation:

Rasmus Vuori & Andy Best


Samu Kuukka

Make-up & hair:

Mari Tuisku


Crucible Studio (artistic dir. Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, production manager Tania Rodriguez Garcia), Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Media / Media Lab Helsinki, as a part of the City Noises EU Culture project that has been funded with support from the European Commission: City Noises, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the City Sets World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 project: City Sets.


Antti Eho, Maureen Thomas, Ilpo Kari, Pekka Salonen, Riikka Pelo, Maikki Vierumäki, Johanna Leinonen, Anna Arsniva, Lily Diaz & All Helpful Homo Sapiens Involved.