I feel that all is connected. People are connected to each other, to the earth we live in and to the rest of everything. Humans, animals, all living matter, time and space are intertwined into what is. These beautiful connections are easily forgotten. I want to show some of these connections, remind us how we should respect and appreciate the whole.

In all this complexity of existing, I try to be exact and simple in my work. Collaborating with people give the works an interesting twist, technology an even further turn. I’m drawn to non-linear storytelling, I find it more interesting as it gives space to serendipity.

My father has Alzheimer’s disease. A year ago he was hospitalized and had to wait six months for a place in a nursing home. The way elderly and sick people are treated in Finnish hospitals is shocking. The disconnection between a once respected society member and a bed bound patient bewildered me. Somehow my father was no longer treated as a human, but as a statistic. I am working on a new piece about this disconnection, about this moment when we loose our rights to humanity. I feel that the beautiful connection between fading humans and society is totally neglected.