Jaakko Pesonen is an artist with an architects background. His route from architecture to art has gone via exhibition design to set design and now into making video installations. His work often evolves around the connection of man and machine. He is interested in studying space in connection to time, using moving image as a part of a changing scope. Jaakko’s works are three dimensional installations in which moving pictures are more than surfaces. He is interested in the dramaturgy of space, how the work is approached, what it feels like to confront it, spend time with it and to leave it. Serendipity also has a big role in his works. His works are often interactive and nonlinear, so they are different at each viewing. Jaakko has explored nonlinear story-telling and was a visiting artist in Crucible Studio, Medialab, Aalto University of Art and Design Helsinki from 2008–2012.

Jaakko spent his childhood and youth in Asia and Africa. Themes of belonging and catelogorizing are recurrent in his work. India has played in important role in Jaakko's personal and professional life since the early 90's.

Jaakko Pesonen lives and works in a small village in Suomusjärvi Finland.